Environmentally conscious procurement

Environmental thinking is also visible in Viking Line’s shipboard customer services, including organically grown coffee and water in a personal glass bottle.

Viking Line serves organically grown coffee as one element of its efforts to practice environmentally conscious procurement.When purchasing the seafood that is served on board its vessels, Viking Line follows the Swedish Environmental management Council’s list of sustainable fish and shellfish stocks.

The Food Garden restaurants on Viking Line vessels no longer sell table water in plastic bottles. Instead they serve specially purified water poured directly from the tap into an environmentally themed reusable glass bottle. This has a number of environmental advantages − it reduces the need to transport bottles of water as well as the quantity of single-use bottles in shipboard solid waste.

Reduced water consumption

Shipboard cleaning staff also employ various environmentally friendly practices. On board they use a special dosage device that mixes concentrated washing fluid with water according to predetermined criteria. Because of careful dosage, they achieve optimal water and washing fluid consumption when cleaning the cabins and kitchens on Viking Line vessels.

Cleaning equipment made of micro-fibres is used, since it helps reduce detergent and water use on board. To reduce water consumption, Viking Line has installed water-saving mouthpieces on faucets and showers, which reduce water flow without affecting passenger comfort. The vacuum toilets and the waterless urinals aboard the vessels also help to reduce water use.


Purchasing and use of chemicals are governed by internal environmental standards. A list of products approved for use at Viking Line is being compiled at Group level. Environmentally friendly alternatives are used as far as possible.