Recycling helps protect the environment and is one of the methods that Viking Line uses to achieve sustainable development.

During 2016, Viking Line brought ashore from the Viking XPRS, the Viking Grace and the Mariella a total of 1,022 tonnes of food waste for biogas production. This yielded 77,000 cubic metres of biogas, equivalent to 87,000 litres of petrol. Biogas production neither increases atmospheric carbon dioxide levels nor contributes to the greenhouse effect. Biogas is thus usually described as carbon dioxide-neutral.

Since 2014, Viking Line has cooperated with the Dutch carpet manufacturer DESSO. DESSO has launched a pioneering project to recycle carpets used by their corporate customers. Used carpets are collected and converted into raw materials that are then used for producing new carpets. Recycling and new manufacturing processes contribute to a circular economy and sustainable development. Since 2014, Viking Line has recycled nearly 30 tons of carpets.

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