Protecting the Baltic Sea

Viking Line actively contributes to the work for protecting the Baltic Sea by supporting environmental organisations operating in the area in different ways.

All plastic bags sold in the shops on board are made from recycled plastic. Viking Line also donates part of the profit for every bag to two environmental organisations that work for protecting the Baltic Sea. In the spring of 2016, the Finnish organisation Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry and the Swedish organisation Håll Sverige Rent received a total of 70,000 euros.

In May 2016, Viking Line also donated 100,000 euros for research on the Baltic Sea to the University of Helsinki.

Every little helps

Our environmental responsibility is visible in many ways in the daily life on board. The coffee grown on Viking Line’s ships is organically grown. The fish served also comes from sustainable sources recommended by Miljöstyrningsrådet in Sweden.

The Food Garden restaurants on our ships no longer serve table water in plastic bottles. Instead, they serve specially purified tap water that has been bottled in environmentally friendly and recyclable glass bottles. This benefits the environment in many ways – the need for transporting water bottles is reduced, as is the amount of plastic waste.

Did you know that...

Viking Line served 6,230,776 cups of organically grown coffee on board its vessels. Organic cultivation means that the beans are grown amid rich biological diversity and without artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides or genetic manipulation.