The Company's management

The Company is headed by the Board of Directors and by the President and Chief Executive Officer. In his absence, the Deputy CEO substitutes for the President and CEO. The President and CEO works with a Group Management team appointed by the Board of Directors.

President and CEO

The President and CEO of the Company is Jan Hanses.
The Deputy CEO of the Company is Andreas Remmer.

The President and CEO handles the Company's day-to-day management in accordance with the Board's instructions and rules and is responsible for ensuring that the Board's decisions are executed. Under the Companies Act, the President and CEO is also responsible for ensuring that the Company's accounting is in compliance with the law and that the management of finances is carried out in a satisfactory manner.

The President and CEO is appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors. The terms of his employment relationship including compensation and other benefits are established in a written contract that is approved by the Board. The President and CEO may be elected to the Board, but not as its Chairman.

Group Management

In addition to the President and CEO, the Board also appoints the Deputy CEO and the other members of Group Management. Under the leadership of the President and CEO, Group Management is responsible for directing the Company's operating activities as well as strategic and financial planning. Group Management meets regularly.

Group Management consists of:

Jan Hanses
Andreas Remmer
Peter Hellgren
Ulf Hagström 
Wilhelm Hård af Segerstad

Compensation to the CEO and Group Management

The Board determines compensation and other benefits for the President and CEO and for the other members of Group Management. The President and CEO as well as the other members of Group Management are paid a monthly salary that is reviewed by the Board yearly. As compensation for his work, Jan Hanses receives a monthly salary of EUR 22,000 and the following additional benefits in kind: telephone benefits and group life insurance coverage, including insurance for medical expenses.

The Group has only defined-contribution pension plans. The President and CEO as well as the other members of Group Management are subject to the terms of the Finnish public pension system and the lowest legal retirement age in effect at each point in time.

The President and CEO has a termination notice period of 8 months. The Company's Board is entitled to terminate his contract, but the President and CEO will enjoy 8 months of salary after the termination date. In case of termination by the Company, the other members of Group Management receive 6 months of salary. Otherwise the Group has made no individual agreements on termination-related benefits.

The Company has no incentive scheme or bonus systems.

Compensation to Group Management 2016 Fixed salary Total compensation in 2016
President and CEO € 278,819
 € 278,819
Group Management € 650,297
€ 650,297
Total € 929,116
€ 929,116


Compensation statement