Share data

Share capital and shares

The minimum share capital of Viking Line Abp is EUR 720,000.00 and the maximum share capital is EUR 2,880,000.00. Within these limits, share capital may be increased or decreased without amending the Articles of Association. The minimum number of shares is 3,600,000 and the maximum number is 14,400,000. Since April 12, 1995, the share capital of Viking Line Abp has been EUR 1,816,429.61. Since July 5, 1995, the shares of Viking Line Abp have been listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki.

Joining the Finnish book-entry securities account system

The changeover of Viking Line Abp shares took place during the period February 15–March 12, 1999.

Warrants and bonds

The Company has not issued warrants or bonds.

Limitations on voting rights

All shares constitute one series, in which all shares are of equal value. Each share is equivalent to one vote when voting on motions and candidates at shareholders' meetings. However, no shareholder may vote on behalf of more than 1/4 of the shares represented at a shareholders' meeting.

Authority to make changes

The Articles of Association stipulate lower and upper limits for the Company's share capital. The Board of Directors has not requested authorization from a shareholders' meeting to change the share capital or to issue warrants or bonds or acquire the Company's own shares.


At the end of December 2017, the Company had 3,515 registered shareholders.