Environmental policy

Viking Line operates in a sensitive marine region. The Group therefore works each day to ensure that the Baltic Sea and its precious archipelagos are conserved for future generations as well.

For a long time, Viking Line has required more environmentally sustainable technology, implemented fuel-saving programmes and introduced new environmentally sustainable concepts on board. The Group intends its environmental work to be a natural part of its day-to-day work and to continuously evolve. Thanks to its long-term, active commitment, the Group has developed environmental work that extends beyond what regulations in force require.

One important element of this work is environmentally sound management of residual products from our operations. Other objectives are to prevent the occurrence of pollution in order to reduce the environmental impact of our operations on the Baltic Sea. We achieve this by minimizing discharges into the sea and air and by optimizing our use of raw materials. Our efforts also include increasing re-use and recycling of materials in order to reduce the quantity of waste. All solid waste is brought ashore, and for several decades all wastewater has been pumped ashore in port to municipal treatment plants.

Viking Line actively participates in efforts to save the Baltic Sea by supporting and collaborating with various environmental organizations.

In this way, our operations show respect for the archipelagos and to the marine environment our vessels sail through. 


President and CEO