Green stories

Green thinking is fun!

To take responsibility for our environment and our fellow citizens feels good. Ecologically and locally cultivated taste better!

Everybody can do something and a small project can turn in to something big if many participate. On this page you'll find some green small things that happens in the Viking Line world.

Warming socks!

In 2018 Viking Line received over 100 pairs of wool socks. This year they were sent to Hursti's help for the less affluent and homeless people in Helsinki.

JYMY - genuine ice cream

JYMY ice cream is made of fresh, organic milk, that is brougt that is brought to us on the morning, freshly milked, from cows gallop away. 

The small ice cream factory is located in a small town called Aura in the West of Finland. The ice cream is produced with plenty of manual craftsmanship and artisan tradition. Flavors are created with passion with organic ingredients like berries, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and liquorice.

You will find the fresh, genuine and organic ice cream on board all Viking Line vessels.

JYMY Organic Ice Cream

Red Cross

The Red Cross is the world's premier disaster organization.  Therefore it is natural for Viking Line to support their work.

Engage yourself in the Red Cross!

Viking Line has donated 25,000 euros to the Finnish environmental organization Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association
for the purchase of its rubbish-collecting boat Roska-Roope. Roska-Roope runs solely on electric power and picks up waste floating in the sea. The boat helps to remind people that none of the rubbish they produce belongs in waterways.
Read the press release here.

Did you know that...

Viking Line now uses new biodegradable plastic bags. Part of the revenue from each plastic carrier bag sold in the vessels’ tax- and duty-free stores is donated to environmental work in the Baltic Sea.