International environmental awards

Viking Line has received the following international environmental awards for the company's innovative environmental initiatives.


Seatrade Awards 2000

Countering Marine Pollution: HAM – Humid Air Motor

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Stockholms Hamnars Miljöboj 2002

“Stockholms Hamnars Miljöboj is awarded to Viking Line for their active and purposeful environmental work for a long time and in many areas, particularly to reduce emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides"

Stockholms Hamnars Miljöboj 2012

” Stockholm Hamnars Miljöboj is awarded to Viking Line for having built the world`s first passanger vessel in its size class that can run on LNG and for meanwhile developing several unique and innovative environmental solutions for Viking Grace."

Shippax Awards 2013

Environmental quality; this is the first long-distance ship equipped with double-fuel motors (gas and diesel). The ship has many energy-saving solutions.

Exterior design; (LNG tanks & small chimney), fod supplies and provisions logistics, and innovative interior design.

Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Awards 2013

The Viking Grace received the first prize in the category Technology, Propulsion and Engines.

Skål Sustainable Tourism Award 2014

The jury describes the Viking Grace as the most environmentally friendly cruise ship in the world, setting the standard for the whole industry.

Global Business Travel Association – Project ICARUS Gold Medal 2015

Viking Line was awarded the GBTA Project ICARUS Gold Medal for their work to develop Viking Grace. According to the GBTA, the ship, which has been in operation since 2013 and uses liquefied natural gas as fuel, is proof of Viking Line’s position as a pioneer in the development of sustainable technology.

Viking Line wins Sustainable Achievement of the Year award 2018 for Viking Grace’s rotor sail

At the Finnish Travel Gala 2018, Viking Line was honoured in the category Sustainable Tourism Achievement of the Year for Viking Grace’s rotor sail.
In giving the award, the jury noted, “Over the years, Viking Line has strived to reduce its emissions in its operations. The most recent concrete example is the pioneering rotor sail developed in Finland and placed in service on Viking Grace in April 2018. Like the LNG fuel used on Viking Grace, the rotor sail is an innovation that helps to save on fuel and reduce emissions.”