Viking Grace

M/S Viking Grace represents a new generation of ships characterised by modern design and concepts, top quality services and consistent environmental thinking.

Environmentally friendly fuel

Viking Grace is the first passenger ship of its size that runs on completely sulphur-free liquefied natural gas (LNG). Learn more about LNG.

Compared to present-day fuels, nitrogen and particulate emissions are reduced by 85% and greenhouse gases by 15%. LNG meets all IMO emission requirements that apply now or will enter into force in the near future.

Excess heat from the engines is used when the ship is in port and the LNG cooling is harnessed for air conditioning.

Adapting to the environment

The hull of the ship has been hydrodynamically optimised in order to minimise waves, which is especially important in the archipelago. Viking Grace also has high requirements when it comes to the elimination of external noise and is one of the quietest ships in the world.

New energy recycling system

Viking Grace is the first ship in the world that uses the energy recycling system Ocean Marine, which was developed by the Swedish innovation company Climeon.

The system converts excess heat from the engines into 700,000 kWh clean and emission-free electricity per year. The electricity is primarily used on the cabin decks, for example for lighting. 

Our rotor sail was awarded!

Viking Grace's rotor sail won the Vuoden vastuullinen matkailuteko (The Most Responsible Tourism Act of the Year) at the Finnish Travel Gala 2018. The justification for to victory was: Viking Line has for years already been aiming to reduce emissions. A new genuine example is the new type of rotor sail installed on Viking Grace in April 2018. The rotor sail has been developed in Finland. Just like the LNG fuel, used in Viking Grace, the rotor sail is an innovation that saves fuel and reduces emissions. New rotor sails will also be installed on Viking Line's new vessel, which will come to the Turku–Stockholm route.