The Company has one Auditor who is elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term expiring at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. The Auditor examine the Company’s accounts and financial statements. After completion of this examination, the Board receives a review report, and an Auditors’ Report is submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

The Company’s Auditor is:

The auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy
with Ylva Eriksson, Authorized Public Accountant (CGR) as responsible auditor
The Company's Auditor since 2020

Auditors fee are adopted by the Annual General Meeting. According to the decision in force, fees are paid according to regular invoices. The Group’s auditing expenses amounted to EUR 107,856.41 during 2019 (2018: 108,539.81), of which EUR 73,400.00 (2018: 79,600.00) was related to the parent company. The expenses of other services provided by the Group’s Auditors as well as their auditing firms were EUR 55,103.18 during 2019 (2018: 56,931.94).

The Board performs the duties of an audit committee.