Insider management

Viking Line manages insider information and insiders in accordance with the requirements under the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the Finnish Securities Market Act, the Nasdaq Helsinki’s insider regulations, the regulations and instructions of the European Securities and Markets Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and Viking Line’s insider instructions.

Viking Line's insider management includes

  • internal distribution of information about insider issues,
  • internal training on insider issues,
  • processing of insider notifications,
  • establishment and maintenance of insider lists,
  • monitoring of insider issues and
  • updating of information published on the Internet.

The information received based on the management’s notification requirements and the transactions involving the Company’s financial instruments carried out by management is examined on a continuous basis. In addition, a comprehensive review is conducted once a year, and a personal print-out of the list of notifications is sent annually to be examined by each member of management.

The Group’s President and CEO is responsible for insider issues at the Company. The practical tasks concerning insider management are handled by people designated by that person.

Insider information is published as soon as possible, via a stock exchange release. For someone who has access to insider information, carrying out transactions involving the Company’s financial instruments is always prohibited. In addition to this general restriction on trading, management and the people who belong to the Company’s financial reporting group are prohibited from trading the Company’s financial instruments during a silent period of thirty days before the publication of the Group’s financial reports and on the day they are published.

In compliance with MAR requirements, Viking Line publishes information about transactions involving the Company’s financial instruments carried out by the management and their related parties. This is done in stock exchange releases and a notification submitted to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority within three business days of the transaction date at the latest. In this respect, Viking Line’s management is considered to be members and deputy members of the Board as well as the President and CEO.

In preparing for substantial projects, a list of insiders for the project in question is drawn up. The people listed there are to be informed of this and receive information about the obligations that arise from this.