Notification pursuant to chapter 9, section 10 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act

17 DECEMBER 2015

Viking Line Abp has on 16 December 2015 received a notification pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Market Act.

Target Company: Viking Line Abp (0144983-8)
Name of the person subject to the notification obligation: Rafael Mattsson (estate)
Reason for notification: Other. Indirect ownership has ceased.

The estate of Rafael Mattson has been the majority shareholder in Ab Rafael, Finnish Business Identity Code 0499588-5. Ab Rafael in turn owns 13.68% of the shares in the target company, a total of 1,476,944 shares. According to the notification the estate's indirect ownership in the Target Company has ceased, since the shares in Ab Rafael have been distributed to the co-owners of the estate through inheritance. None of the co-owners attains according to notification the position of majority owner in Ab Rafael. Ab Rafael's holding in the target company has not changed as a result of the distribution of the estate.

Viking Line Abp's registered number of shares and votes is 10,800,000. Viking Line Abp has a single series of shares.


Jan Hanses
President and CEO