Equal Opportunity Policy

Viking Line believes that people with different experiences and perspectives are a crucial factor in creating the innovative climate required for long-term business success.

As a passenger and cargo shipping company with operations in several countries, and with a customer base representing many different nationalities, we know that our success depends on the diversity and proficiency of our employees.

By diversity, we at Viking Line mean the variations that make us all unique. This includes such differences as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and physical abilities as well as such differences as religion, beliefs and ways of thinking and behaving.

At Viking Line, we shall treat all people with respect, humanity and dignity in accordance with our business principles. Our aim is to be perceived as an attractive and stimulating workplace.

This is why we are working to:

  • Ensure that our workplaces, working methods, working organization and working conditions are structured in ways that are suitable for all employees.
  • Make it easier for all employees to combine work and parenthood.
  • Prevent discrimination and harassment. We do not accept actions that amount to unwelcome conduct and that may be perceived as violating the privacy of employees.
  • Investigate all cases of workplace discrimination and harassment and respond appropriately.
  • Provide all employees with opportunities for professional development and training. All employees
    • regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion or other beliefs
    • shall be offered an equal opportunity for development within the framework of their knowledge, wishes and talents.
  • Actively promote gender balance in our operations. We shall achieve a more even distribution of women and men in different types of jobs and positions and always ensure that both women and men apply for and are offered available jobs to the greatest possible extent.
  • Offer all employees equal pay and working conditions on an equal basis.
  • By creating equal opportunity (inclusiveness) plans that are tailored to different operations, this Equal Opportunity Policy shall be broken down and applied in practice. Managers in charge of human resources at all levels shall be responsible for equal opportunity work as it is described by laws and agreements, as well as by this policy and related equal opportunity (inclusiveness) plans. Jan Hanses President and CEO, Viking Line Abp