Mission statement

Mission - our fundamental task

We link together the countries around the northern Baltic Sea by providing sustainable and regular ferry service for everyone. Our three basic services are cruises, passenger and cargo transport. Our unique expertise in combining these services generates customer and business benefits.

Vision - our ambition and what we want to achieve

We are the leading brand in our service area and the preferred choice of all those seeking transport services and experiences. We shall preserve and enhance our position as a profitable company.

Fundamental values

  • Viking Line is for everyone. Our customers are our foremost priority and we aim to exceed their expectations, especially with regard to good service.
  • We respect our co-workers and value initiative, innovation, teamwork, openness, honesty, loyalty and acceptance of responsibility.
  • We stand for humility and cost-consciousness.
  • We take advantage of all good business opportunities.
  • Our vessels are safe and well-maintained. We conduct our operations in compliance with applicable environmental standards and legislation. We strive to continuously improve our environmental and sustainability work.


  • We offer the market’s best value for money by providing good quality at affordable prices.
  • Our selective quality factors are friendly service, fully functional and clean facilities, good food, enjoyable entertainment and attractive shopping.
  • We aim at large travel volume and high capacity utilization.
  • We shall have modern distribution and sales systems.
  • Our sources of income are ticket, cargo and on-board sales − we optimize their total outcome.
  • We motivate and train our employees in order to achieve improved quality, service level and productivity.
  • We continuously optimize our energy consumption in all our operations.