Fresh winds with the new rotor sail

Viking Grace takes off with the new rotor sail. This Magnus effect phenomenon is based on a rotating surface that attracts wind with different pressure from different sides of the object, with the result being that the object moves towards the area where the pressure is lower. Together with LNG, liquefied natural gas, Viking Grace becomes an even more greener alternative.

Read the press release in our press room.

Manufacture of the rotor sail

The main components of Viking Line's Rotor Sail were manufactured in Finland and Poland. The sail is 24 m high and has a diameter of 4 m. After production and prior to installation, the sail was tested outdoors under winter conditions at the Turku Repair Yard.

Effects of the rotor sail

  • LNG savings: 300 tonnes/year
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 900 tonnes/year

Environmental work

Viking Line operates in a sensitive marine environment. We therefore work every day to preserve the vitality of the Baltic Sea and its precious archipelago.