The route to Kapellskär is clear and easy to find. Route E18 north from Stockholm leads directly to Kapellskär harbour. Distance from Stockholm is 90 km.


Viking Line, Kapellskär, 760 15 Gräddö

GPS (DMS): N/lat: 59° 43' 18.296'', E/lon: 19° 3' 29.181''  
       (DD): lat: 59.7217 | lon: 19.0581
System RT90: X:6626517, Y: 1683564

Postal address
Viking Line Skandinavien AB, Kapellskär, SE-760 15 GRÄDDÖ

+46 8 50 334 511 (only regarding freight)


Two hours before the departure.

Freight check-in and forwarding

Viking Line freight check-in and forwarding office is on the third floor of the terminal building. We offer service for our customers in export and import matters.

Technical equipment

Towing of trailers Yes
Fork lift Yes
Container lift No
Lift for swap-bodies No
Rolltrailers No
Railroad connection No
Electrical outlets Yes

Other services

Customs No
Bank No
Cafe Yes, in the passenger terminal
Shower Yes

Vehicle register number required at Kapellskär harbour from 1.11.2021

Port of Kapellskär (Ports of Stockholm) introduces a pre-gate function at Kapellskär harbour, to increase the security and traffic flow in the harbour area. Only vehicles on the shipping companies booking lists are allowed in the harbour area. A camera at the harbour will read the register number. The vehicle register number must be entered in your booking, to pass the gate into Kapellskär harbour. The register number will be read automatically at the gate. If the register number is incorrect or missing from your booking, or if it can’t be read, it can be entered manually on the screen outside the gate. Passengers boarding via the terminal or using the parking lot at the terminal are not affected by this.