Stadsgården, Tegelvikshamn, 11630 Stockholm

GPS (DMS): N/lat 59° 18' 57.6", E/lon: 18° 5' 44.999"
        (DD): lat: 59.316 | lon: 18.0958 
System RT90: X:6579370, Y: 1630443

Postal address
Viking Line Skandinavien AB, Stadsgården, SE-116 30 STOCKHOLM

+46 8 452 4262 (only regarding freight)


Open (local time)
Sun–Fri 06.00–11.00 and 13.00–20.00
Sat 05.45–11.00 and 13.00–20.00

Technical equipment

Towing of trailers Yes
Fork lift Yes (12 ton)
Container lift No
Lift for swap-bodies No
Rolltrailers No
Railroad connection Yes (via Årsta terminal)
Electrical outlets Yes


Other services                 

Customs No                               
Bank No
Cafe No
Vending machine No
Shower No

Information from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) and Police in Sweden (Polisen):

In Sweden the limit for drunk driving is 0.10 milligrams of alcohol per litre of exhaled air, which corresponds to 0.2 parts per thousand in the blood.
All drivers who are stopped by the police in traffic will have to do a sobriety test. Drunk driving can lead to an investigation that results in the loss of your right to drive in Sweden for some time.