The Tallinn harbour is situated in the center of the city (passenger harbour).


Sadama 25, 15051 Tallinn

GPS (DMS): N/lat: 59° 26' 41.899'', E/lon: 24° 45' 28.642''  
          (DD): lat: 59.4450 | lon: 24.7580

Postal address
OÜ Viking Line Eesti, Sadama 25, A-terminal,  EE-15051 TALLINN

Freight check-in
Telephone +372 666 3983 (only regarding freight)
E-mail cargo.check-in.tal@vikingline.com

Open (local time)
Viking Line freight check-in office is situated close to the A-terminal.
Mon-Sat 05.30-06.30 and 15.00-16.30 
Sun 05.30-06.30, 13:30-15:00  and 20:15-21:45 

Technical equipment

Towing of trailers Yes
Fork lift Yes
Container lift Yes
Lift for swap-bodies Yes
Rolltrailers No
Railroad connection No                                
Electrical outlets Yes


Other services                 

Customs Yes, daily at 08.00-24.00
Bank No
Cafe Yes