Regular and reliable sea transport with solid experience 

We provide high-quality freight services in the northern parts of the Baltic Sea, where we annually transport more than 130 000 freight units.

With traffic starting in 1959, freight carriage has been an important part of our business from the very beginning. With our comprehensive experience as the foundation, our course points firmly to the future, and we are constantly developing processes to serve our customers even better.

Through regular and reliable maritime transports we enable smooth overseas operations for our customers. Our sales agents and freight booking in Turku provide qualified services focusing on the customer’s needs. Operations are based on effective but at the same time dynamic and, if necessary, flexible solutions. 

We operate daily on the following routes:

Focus on driver comfort

Professional drivers spend many days on the road, and they travel regularly by ferry. Therefore, driver comfort is very important to us. The possibility for rest, good food and other services offered onboard a passenger ferry all make for pleasant travelling. The counterfoils on the driver’s ticket entitle to a berth and meals in the ship’s high-quality restaurants.

Our check-in assists drivers in the harbours.

Combined transport

Viking Line Cargo cooperates with Swedish railway operators and shipping companies operating to Southern and Western Sweden. We offer our customers multimodal transport on trailers to a range of destinations in the Nordic countries, Germany and the UK.


Viking Line Cargo also provides forwarding services to freight customers on the duty border between Sweden and Åland. Our agents in Kapellskär assist you in matters related to import and export. Our system is electronically linked to the TDS system of the Swedish customs authority.

Unaccompanied vehicles

We offer towing services for arriving and departing trailers at all ports excluding Mariehamn and Långnäs.

Vehicles without a driver are carried by separate agreement and advance reservation only.

Heavy-duty vehicles are carried by separate agreement only.

We do not carry caterpillars, containers or bulk goods.

Conditions of Carriage 

Viking Line ABp is entering into a contract on the carriage of motor vehicles, lorries, trailers, containers and other goods transportation vehicles in accordance with these conditions of carriage.

Load weight

To ensure that our freight invoicing is correct it is important that our check-in is provided with accurate information regarding load and weight. Unless the customer already has delivered the information in advance, we require that complete freight documents are presented at our check-in office. Many public fees are based on the load weight. In addition, this information is important due to the security regulations (ISPS) and the regulations for carriage of dangerous goods.

We don’t correct or credit already invoiced weights in the customers favor unless the fault is clearly caused by us. Customers are obliged to ensure that the check-in is provided with correct freight documents complying with regulations at the time of check-in.